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I want to ...

  • Find peer-reviewed articles:

Use the databases in the middle box: =====>

  • Verify that a journal is peer-reviewed:

Use Ulrichsweb database. Link is below.

  • Search topics other than Athletic Training:

Try "Additional Databases" tab at the top of this page.

  • Cite sources in APA style:

Go to the "Citing Sources" tab at the top of this page


Databases for Athletic Training Articles

Now what?

Once you've found your articles, what next?

Review the abstracts and conclusions of the research studies you've found.

Next go back and carefully read the entire article and ask yourself some questions:

  • What were the authors trying to discover?
  • What were the methodologies they used?
  • Is the research complete?
  • Is this article significant to your topic?
  • Are there conflicting studies?

Write On!

  • After reading all your articles, it's time to start writing.
  • Introduce and define your topic.
  • Point out overall trends, conflicts, etc.
  • How are your articles similar and how do they vary?
  • Summarize major conclusions.

Always consult your assignment for specific details and requirements.





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