ENG 335 Research: Secondary Sources: Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Journal articles can provide perspectives for particular fields.  For instance, a sociologist might focus on immigration in a different way than a lawyer would.  To have a detailed, nuanced idea of the story of a group's immigration or the effect of immigration on communities, find different perspectives and approaches. 

Journal articles from Disciplinary Databases

Databases provide access to journal articles (and other documents).  Scholarly journal articles are written for academic audiences, consisting of professors, students, and other researchers in the field.  Below are databases from a variety of disciplines/scholarly fields, all of which have some interest in researching and writing about the topic of immigration.  They all have a different approach, though, depending on their research methods, purposes, and audiences.  For a list of databases GVSU libraries provide access to, visit the library home page and go to the databases button.  

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