ENG 335 Research: Preresearch


Preresearch is the beginning stage of your research.  It's the point where you:

  • gather basic information like dates, locations, important events, important people
  • identify what your next questions will be 
  • help identify other sources in the works cited sections 


Below, I've listed reference sources to answer these questions.  Other good methods of pre-research might be to use textbooks or handbooks in the areas (such as immigration) you're investigating, taking to experts, or brainstorming questions with your teammates. 

Establishing Basic Facts

Establishing the facts of your research topic can be done with what we call reference sources. These sources avoid making arguments or putting forth interpretations not overwhelmingly supported by the facts.  These reference sources can answer some of your basic questions and lead to new questions that add detail to your presentation and understanding of the topic. 


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