AHS 495: Philosophy Paper

Health Model / Professional Philosophy Paper

  • What is your philosophy of health care (HC) (for example, holistic care is one of several philosophic approach models)? 
  • What does health mean to you? 
  • Why did you choose your future profession? 
  • If you do not have a future profession or setting, what is important to you in your future endeavors surrounding the health field?

Search strategies for health science careers and philosophies/models

Finding information in books about health science careers or health science philosophies/models:

From the Library Main Page click on “Find”; “Books”.  Enter these search terms in the search box or advanced search box, or try some of your own terms:

  • “careers” or “health science careers”  for books which contain several different health careers
  • “careers in physical therapy” or “physical therapy careers” or “careers in nursing” or “nursing careers” or “careers in --------“ for a specific discipline
  • “nurses roles” or “physician assistant roles” or “--------- roles” for more detailed information about the role the person plays in the care of the patient with a particular ailment or in a particular environment or setting
  • “health philosophy”, “health care philosophy”, “nursing philosophy”, “ nursing theories”, “nursing models”,  “physician models” (for physician assistant models), “philosophy of medicine” (for physician assistant philosophies), “physical therapy models”,  “physical therapy philosophies” for models or philosophies in various disciplines

Books will either be in electronic format which you can reach online, or in print format.  You may use the

“request it” button in the catalog to request that a book be sent to you in the mail.  Be sure to indicate that you are “off campus”. 

Finding information in journal articles about health science careers or health science philosophies/models:

  • From the Library Main Page click on “Find”; “Articles”.  Enter search terms in the search box to find articles and check the check box for “Scholarly/Peer Review articles” only. 
  • For more specific searches go to “Subject Guides”; pick a particular discipline such as “Physical Therapy” “Physician Assistant Studies” “Nursing”; “Databases” tab on the top bar.  Here you will find databases most often used by that particular discipline.  Try searching in the “CINAHL” or “PubMed” databases. 
  • In CINAHL enter one of these subject terms in the search box:
    • “Careers in Nursing” or “Careers in Allied Health” and select “MH Exact Subject Heading” from the drop down box beside each subject heading entered.  This will retrieve all articles on either nursing careers or any of the fields in allied hear such as physical therapy or physician assistant studies
    • You can enter a particular discipline in the second box “Physician Assistants” or “Physical Therapists” to combine with “Careers in Allied Health” to retrieve articles for that discipline alone.  When using subject headings be sure to use the exact punctuation, upper case, and lower case letters as shown here or as you find them in the CINAHL Heading directory.
  • For more articles write “careers” in the search box and select “TX All Text” from the drop down box, and combine with the same discipline as a “MH Exact Subject Heading” as you used before
  • For the role of the professional use the subject heading “Professional Role” with “MH Exact Subject Heading” and in the second box put the discipline “Physician Assistants” or “Physical Therapists” with “MH Exact Subject heading”.  For nurses use the subject heading “Nurses by Role” or “Nursing Role” with “MH Exact Subject Heading”
  • Use some of the following subject headings (MH Exact Subject Heading) for philosophies/models:  “Nursing Models, Theoretical”, “Physical Therapy” AND “Models, Theoretical”, “-------“ (name of discipline) AND “Models, Theoretical”,  “Nursing Theory”,  “Holistic Nursing”, “Philosophy, Nursing”, “Philosophy, Medical” (for Physician Assistants), “Philosophy” AND “Physical Therapy”, “Philosophy” AND “---------“ (name of discipline)
  • To get the full-text of the article, click on the PDF icon or the “Get it at GVSU” button and click on the blue “article” box for the full-text link; if GVSU does not own the article click on the document delivery link and “submit” the request at the bottom of the form; your article will be sent to your e-mail in 2-10 days.
  • Searching in PubMed will be very similar; enter some of the same subject headings or text words in the search box that we used for CINAHL.  Remember to place quotation marks around the phrase for which you are searching, place “AND” in capital letters in between two search terms: “Models, Theoretical” AD “Physical Therapy” as there is a single search box in PubMed.

Look for information about the conditions or location in which the practitioner works including salary, hours, professionals one works with, and patients one works with.  

  • How much time is spent in direct patient care, management, and in research.   
  • What are the mission and goals of the individual or institution for which you will work, or for the profession in general.   
  • What are the philosophies, models, and the theories of the profession? 
  • How do these conditions, philosophies, and goals match your own philosophies and goals.

Subject Guide

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