AHS 495: Course Project Presentation

Project Presentations on Health Issues

Group Projects on Health Issues:

  • When searching for a good topic on health issues, look in the CINAHL and PubMed databases to see what kinds of article searches can be retrieved for various topics.
  • Start by looking in the CINAHL Headings in CINAHL, and MeSH database in PubMed to find ideas for subjects among the subject headings.  Examples for taking care of older people who can no longer care for themselves:  “Long Term Care”, “Insurance, Long Term Care”, “Nursing Homes”,  “Nursing Home Patients”,  “Home Health Care”, “Home Health Care Aids”,  “Caregivers”, “Gerontologic Care”.  Conduct the search by selecting “MH Exact Subject Heading” from the drop down box beside the search box and enter the subject heading with the same upper and lower case letters and punctuation as seen in the CINAHL headings.  In PubMed go to the MeSH Database to find possible subjects. 
  • You can search for more specific ideas by using textwords (select” TX All Text” from the drop down box beside the search box) and enter your terms.  Put “quotation marks” around phrases so that you search all of those words as they appear together.   Example:  “elder care”.  In PubMed use quotation marks around the phrase and search.
  • Select smaller sub-headings underneath a subject heading: Example: “Home Health Agencies”.  Put a check in the check box beside the term and then select from among the boxes that appear at the right.  For example “Administration”,  “Ethical Issues”, “Economics”, “Trends”, “Legislation”.  Put a check in the check box by any of these to search for that specific aspect of home health agencies.  Do the same in PubMed, then select “Search”
  • Combine several subject headings or text words together to narrow down your search results:  “Home Health Agencies” AND (“choosing” OR “rating”).
  • Don’t forget to limit your searches by checking the “peer reviewed” check box and limiting the scope of your articles by date: 2008-present.
  • If you need further help finding information, ask the health sciences librarians shown in the subject guides!

Subject Guide

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