HNR 151-152 (10) - Design Thinking for Social Product Innovation, Lane/Lafferty: Stories of Social Innovation

Your mission: Identify and learn about a young social innovator

Steps to take:

  1. Explore -- find some people and projects that catch your interest
  2. Research -- find out more about an interesting person and their project
  3. Synthesize -- what do others have to say about this person and project? What do you think about it?


To get you fired up about the possibilities, here's a podcast transcript about "social entrepreneurship"

Yes, You Can Help The World And Make Money At The Same Time


A woman cultivates seaweed off the coast of Madagascar to counter overfishing. She's working with Blue Ventures,
a business that supports its conservation projects by giving ecotours. / Courtesy of Skoll Foundation

1. Explore

Here are some different paths you can explore to look for some leads on young social innovators and entrepreneurs:

Google (open web, no content or quality filters)

Library 'Find It!' search (vetted academic content, not free on the open web)

2. Research

Once you have some personal names (e.g. Alex Scott) or project names (e.g. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation), search those in Google and in Find it! Be open to a range of information sources and formats you could use:

  • Books
  • News articles
  • News feature stories
  • Blogs
  • Interviews (print, video, podcast, audio transcript)
  • Personal reference or contact
  • Project reports or 'white papers'
  • Project web sites, e.g. Andrew Youn's One Acre Fund site
  • Videos, e.g. TED Talks

Some of these will relate specifically to your research on the person and their project. Others will help to inform your synthesis in (3.)

Statistical Datasets

Your research and synthesis will eventually probably need some data to back up or highlight aspects of your topic.

Library databases with international statistics:
Free sources for international datasets:

3. Synthesize

When you start preparing to share your interesting person and project with your classmates, you might be writing, or preparing slides to present, or both. Peer Writing and Speech Preparation Consultants are available to help you make your presentation great!

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