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This guide is meant to be a tool to help students who have never done research before. Remember, this is just the basics. Take advantage of the resources linked throughout to learn more.

QUESTIONS to think about if you get stuck


Identifying Topics

Is there a prompt or do you need to find a topic?

What is the class about?

What are you interested in?

Finding Information

What search terms will help you find the best information? Are there similar words you could use?

What database or subject guide can you use to narrow your search?

What filters should you apply in an advanced search? Does the article need to be recent, written in a different language or peer reviewed?

Is this a reliable source? 

Organizing Information

How will you track the information you find? Do you already have a method or do you need help to create a note taking sheet?

What information is most relevant or helpful to your understanding of this topic?

Do you keep seeing the same things or feel overwhelmed by all the information? Maybe it's time to stop researching and start writing

Citing Information

What format do you need to cite sources in?

What do you need to cite? When in doubt cite it out!

Keep track of your sources as you go! It will make it much easier to cite in the long run!


Need More Information?

Check out the rest of this guide for specifics or the resources listed for additional help!


Helpful Resources for Researching

Resources if you need help right now

Resources if you have extra time

About This Project

This guide was created by 2018 GVSU Summer Library Scholar, Maureen Wood. Maureen is a senior double majoring in Psychology and Economics, and is also a Resident Assistant (RA) at GVSU.  As an RA, Maureen frequently encounters students needing last minute help on research assignments. Erica Millspaugh, former liaison librarian, was Maureen's library mentor. The University Libraries continues to maintain this guide while keeping the voice and intent of the original student creator intact. Please email the library with questions or concerns. More information about the GVSU Library Scholars Summer program is available on the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship website.

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