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Course Guide for STA 317 Nonparametric Statistical Analysis - Winter 2017, Professor John Gabrosek

Course Textbook (Required)

Few undergraduate statistics programs offer a course in nonparametric statistics.  Most books written by statisticians are at the graduate level.  This text is written by social scientists.  It is mathematically accessible; however, there are some gaps we will need to fill in. 

Hard copy of text is not required but is available at the GVSU Lakerstore bookstore.

Supplemental Texts

The following texts are more advanced nonparametric statistics texts for those interested in the mathematical details.  I have drawn some notes from each of these texts that are incorporated in chapter reading guides.  If you choose to look at these texts, don’t get bogged down in the different notation.


Simulation of Random Events

Simulation is a way to model random events, such that simulated outcomes closely match real-world outcomes. By observing simulated outcomes, researchers gain insight on the real world.

(Video:  Simulation of random events: video lesson,  0:7:57)

Why use simulation?

Some situations do not lend themselves to precise mathematical treatment. Others may be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive to analyze. In these situations, simulation may approximate real-world results; yet, require less time, effort, and/or money than other approaches.



One method not covered in the Corder and Foreman text is bootstrapping.  This very flexible technique allows us to do statistical inference in situations where the form of the sampling distribution is unknown.

We will use the following resources when we discuss bootstrapping:

Videos that discuss bootstrapping:

RStudio Server

The Corder and Foreman text shows how to use SPSS to perform some nonparametric analyses.  We will also be using the statistical software R through a user interface called RStudio.  GVSU now has a dedicated RStudio server that you can access as a student in STA 317 through an internet connection.  You have been given an RStudio server account with password.

Log in to RStudio Server

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