WGS 200 - Salary Report Assignment: Employment Statistics


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Occupations and women

Be sure to write down the exact web site and the name of the chart where you find each answer. You will need to cite your sources. Many of these pages have suggested citations at the bottom of the chart or the bottom of the page.

The Women's Bureau, www.dol.gov/wb makes changes over time. Charts are added and removed. Even though the links may no longer be at the data and statistics landing page, they exist on the internet and are findable via usa.gov or though a targeted google search.

site:.gov  (then search whatever you're looking for)


Questions 1-8b. US Department of Labor Women's Bureau > Data > Earnings

  1. List 5 of the "Most Common Occupation for Women."


  1. List 5 of the highest paying occupations for women workers.


  1. List 5 of the lowest paying occupation for women workers.
  1. List 5 non-traditional occupations for women workers.


  1. List the Labor Force Participation Rates for mothers vs. fathers for the most current year


  1. List the Unemployment Rates for both mothers and fathers for the most current year


6b. Compare the answers to 5 and 6. Provide a brief discussion here.


  1. For the most current year available, what was the overall gender wage gap (earnings ratio).


  1. List 5 of the “In Demand, Higher Paying Occupations.”


8b. Are these occupations historically female dominated or male dominated? What might this mean for the future?

9.  Overall (not broken down by occupation), what is the median weekly earnings for:

US Department of Labor Women's Bureau > Data > Other Resources > Earnings> Highlight of Women's Earnings in 2018.

  1. White women and men combined?
  2. For white women? For white men?
  3. For black women and men combined?
  4. For black women? For black men?
  5. For Asian women and men combined?
  6. For Asian women? For Asian men?
  7. For Hispanic women and men combined?
  1. For Hispanic women? For Hispanic men?

Occupation and Income

  1. What is the total number of people employed in this occupation? How many women? How many men? What percentage do women make up of this occupation?


  1. What is the median weekly income for this occupation for women? For men?




Your Occupation

  1. For your chosen occupation, what educational background do you need? What skills are required?


  1. What would your average day look like in this occupation?
  2. For either general wage data or for your specific occupation or industry, find an interesting graph or set of data from the resources in the Library Guide to bring to class for discussion.
    1. Briefly, discuss why it is of interest to you.


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