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Winter 2023

When you set out to design a survey, sometimes you really do have to start from scratch. But sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel without a little bit of inspiration. This guide includes some pointers to possible sources of existing questionnaires and surveys.

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Find surveys in journal literature

Find surveys by Googling

Google can be a productive tool for finding examples of surveys and questionnaires, with a little know-how...

  1. Use a few keywords that express the general topic you're looking for
  2. Also include word(s) or phrase(s) such as questionnaire, sample survey, satisfaction survey
  3. You can include the  site:  operator depending on the nature of your topic:    OR    OR
  4. Or, try the  intitle:  or  allintitle:  operator to specify words that must all occur in the title of a match

For examples:

unitarian demographics survey

intitle: unitarian demographics survey


Full list of Google Operators - May 2020

Try these here:

Google Web Search

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