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Guide for HST 103 course assignments


This guide is intended to help you with assignments from Dr. Gonzalez's HST 103: Introduction to American Civilizations course. 

Getting Started

Before you begin an assignment, it can be useful to do a pre-research step.

Pre-research involves tertiary sources. These sources condense and reduce primary and secondary sources to the most essential or basic information. Think of websites like Wikipedia or resources like encyclopedias. 

Tertiary sources are great places to start learning about a topic. As you read, take note of key facts like: important people, places, event names, and time periods. These can all be used to generate good search terms for your research.

It's important to remember that tertiary sources are NOT credible sources for your assignments. They are simply the first step in diving into your research!

Knowledge Market

The Knowledge Market is located in the Mary Idema Pew Library (Allendale) and in the Steelcase Library (downtown GR).

  • Research Consultants can help develop research questions, strategies, and focus for completing assignments.
  • Writing Consultants can assist with brainstorming, organizing content, integrating research, polishing drafts, and correctly documenting sources.
  • Speech Consultants can help with topic selection, organization, supporting materials, and delivery of presentations.
  • Digital Skills Consultants can help with digital projects, digital communication, media production, visualization of basic data sets, and more.

Useful Links

Useful links to Library information and resources:


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