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How to appropriately cite your sources


The goals of accurate citation are:

  1. To credit the author, and
  2. To enable the reader to find the material.

Which Citation Style Should You Use?

First, double-check your assignment guidelines! Your professor may have specified which style they require or prefer you to use. If your professor hasn't specified which style, use these guidelines to help you decide:

  • MLA: Use for all WRT 150 or 120/130 classes. MLA is most commonly used in the Humanities in disciplines like English, Art, Philosophy, Religion, Languages, etc...
  • APA: Most commonly used in the Social Sciences - Psychology and Sociology, for example, as well as the Health Sciences. It is also used in Education, Business, and Engineering.
  • Chicago: There are two versions of Chicago Style. The 'Notes & Bibliography' form is used in History, while the 'Author-Date' form is used in most Sciences.

These are not the only citation styles which exist, but they are the three most common. If your professor has not specified which style to use, any of these will be acceptable. Just be sure to pick one style and use it consistently throughout your paper!

If you have further questions, or are still having trouble deciding which citation style to use, you can reach out to the Library Research Center, the Writing Center, or your Liaison Librarian.

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