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Finding books in the new system

The Books link under the "Find articles, books, & more" search box finds all items like books, cds, videos, etc.

Books link

Keyword search for music branding

You'll see that the limits are set to Available in the Library Collection and Catalog Only:

limit by source type, etc.

Here's an example item after I clicked the title and the Permalink option on the right menu:

Brands that rock book record and permalink


When you know a specific author/composer and title, click Advanced Search:

Put the title in quotes if you're sure it is exact, and change the dropdown from Select a Field to Title; add the author's last name and change the dropdown:

Result 1 is the ebook; 2 is from a database; 3 shows the volume in a set and is a book review. Use the left menu: scroll down to "Limit to" and click "Available in Library Collection" and you will only see the books/ebooks.

Result 1 is the ebook - click "Access full text online" or on PDF Full Text, then "Share Link to Book" or click on Permalink at the bottom of the right Tools menu. Copy and paste the link to Blackboard.

Book links or permanent urls might look like:


Getting links to journals & articles in the new system

Search for the journal title with quotes around the title: "journal of music teacher" if you know the exact title. Otherwise, search for a word or phrase like chronicle.

journal title search

If you have already done a search, use the "SO Journal Title/Source" option:

SO Journal Title/Source search

If there are many results, scroll down to Resource Type in the left menu and click journal.

Click the blue + Full Text Access link below the journal name to see the years that each database includes:

Click the Permalink to the right for the link to add to Blackboard:

Copy the entire link!

Use the same process to get an article's permalink, once you have found the article.

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