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Course Description:  An examination of how statistics are reported in the media.  Students will be asked to read news stories and published research to critically evaluate the conclusions made, recognizing when assertions are and are not supported by evidence.  Common fallacies and misconceptions will be covered. 

Research Project: Students will be given instruction on database searches, students will be asked to find journal articles and a corresponding news story relevant to their major.  Students will then critique it both in terms of their field and what they have learned in class.

Cast a wide net

Focus on your major

A word about statistics in the media ...

statistics pie chart

Buckler, Craig. Why Your Website Statistics Are Wrong, Part 3. SitePoint. 15 January 2010.

Research news in the media

These are just a few links to sources of current news. The contents in many of these will include explicit references and even links to the originally published scholarly research.

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