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This is a subject guide that has compiled resources for top journals in Professional & Technical Writing as well as databases that will be the most helpful to find articles on this subject.

Searching Multiple Journals

The box below is searching through the content in a list of specific, highly regarding business journals, including: 

  • Business Communication Quarterly

  • Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 

  • International Journal of Business Communication

  • Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

  • Journal of Business Communication

  • Management Communication Quarterly

  • Written Communication

  • Journal of Business and Technical Communication

  • Technical Communication Quarterly

  • Technical Communication


The following databases are useful for looking up information about business communication in countries.  Try "business communication" OR "workplace communication" OR "interpersonal communication" OR "business etiquette") in combination with the name of the country or region.  You can also search for information about the industry in that region.  Check for news stories, reports, and scholarly journal articles. 

Books Available from GVSU

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Citing Business Sources Using APA

Use these links to assist you in citing your resources for your paper.

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