Music 308: Opera in Depth: Recordings & Videos

Streaming Music and Videos

Borrowing Recordings

Find Recordings at GVSU

Call Numbers for Music recordings

CDs are on the 3rd floor of the Library before the M call number; LP (vinyl) records & DVDs are in the Automated Storage Retrieval System (click the blue Request button to retrieve them).

  • M1-3 Collected or Complete Works
  • M5-1490 Instrumental Music
  • M1495-5000 Vocal Music
  • ML General
  • MT Teaching Music

To Find Recordings at GVSU

For LPs, from the Library's homepage, enter: gvsu lp collection and keywords such as jazz or “big band”

Or, go to Books, select Location = Mary Idema Pew – Audio, and put a/some keyword/s in the search box. This will bring back both CDs and LPs.

However, if you click "Audio music" under Material Type, you'll get all formats of music including streaming.

Use separate boxes for your composer, piece title, type of piece, or other keywords. When you put your composer's last name in the box, change the drop-down to "author" instead of keyword. When searching for a type of piece, use the plural, e.g., "sonatas" or "concertos" (not concerti). You may use phrases like "piano sonatas op. 23" with the quotation marks.

One of the complications of searching for music is the many ways publishers can cite the name of a piece. For example, a piano sonata could be called: "piano sonata", "sonata for piano", "sonata no. x for piano", "Klaviersonate", "Sonate fur Klavier", etc. Virtually all of these would have a "uniform title" of "Sonatas, piano ..." so using the plural of the type of piece followed by the instrument name is a good keyword phrase to use in searching.

Searching for Specific Items

  • For popular music – search by PERFORMER or by TITLE: Click on Author (for performer) or on Title.
  • Type performer's name (e.g., ellington duke). Click on Search.
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