Communication Studies: Theories

major program; core classes

Finding Communication Theories

  • Now you have the authors and can look in other places: use the Find Articles, Books, & More search box on the Library’s homepage like this: "cultural approach to organizations" Geertz Pacanowsky
  • or "Classical Management Theory" weber taylor fayol, then Refine Results: Limit by Source Type = eBooks

Prof Spencer's Fall 2022 assignment

You have already identified a theory, chosen a scholarly article in the Com field, and analyzed how the article author explained and used the theory.


Use your chosen theory to analyze a communication artifact, e.g., a TV show, film, image, social media page, etc. Illustrate how the theory predicts, explains, or contests behavior related to the artifact. 

Find articles with the theory that apply to the category of the artifact, e.g., "queer theory" AND communicat* AND television OR tv 

(Articles may explain a specific artifact (e.g., tv show) - that you could then extend to explain another tv series.)

  • Social Penetration Theory
  • Relational Dialectics
  • Systems Theory
  • Organizational dissent
  • Face Negotiation Theory 
  • Cultural Adaptation Theory 
  • Anxiety Uncertainty “Management of Meaning Theory”
  • Ethnolinguistic Identity Theory 
  • Structuration Theory
  • Groupthink Theory
  • Symbolic Convergence Theory
  • Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking
  • Theory of Planned Behavior 
  • Health Belief Model
  • Agenda Setting Theory
  • Spiral of Silence Theory
  • Social Cognitive Theory
  • Uses & Gratifications Theory
  • Elaboration Likelihood Model
  • Inoculation theory
  • Cognitive Dissonance Theory
  • Rhetoric*
  • Dramatism
  • Metaphors
  • Critical Race Theory 
  • Postcolonialism 
  • Critical Gender Theory
  • Feminist Theory 
  • Queer Theory
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