Film and Video Faculty Guide to the Library: Document Delivery - Interlibrary Loan

We call ILL Doc Del

I can help when you're seeking an item that we don't have or have access to via GVSU Libraries. Document Delivery (aka Interlibrary Loan or ILL) gets items from other libraries when possible, to support both you and your students' research or scholarship. Document Delivery policies are available online.

If the print book, DVD, CD, sheet music / score, or other physical resource you want isn't in our Collection, you can request it through Document Delivery. We have a statewide system through the Michigan eLibrary, or MEL / MeLCat, which is free for you through your public library.

On February 1, 2021 GVSU Libraries will temporarily stop borrowing books from other libraries via MeLCat as GVSU Libraries change our search software. We can still get books from other libraries through our Document Delivery service. Learn more.

We also use OCLC's WorldCat via FirstSearch for print books, DVDs, CDs, sheet music / scores, and other physical resources. You may also use the web-based version of WorldCat. Either way, you may place requests through a particular record by clicking the Get it @GVSU link.

Please note that the more libraries listed as owning the item, the easier it will be to get. If you have questions about other libraries' policies please call (616) 331-2630. Please do not contact the other libraries.

While we will try to get items from libraries around the world, we prefer to ask U.S. libraries first. We are limited by the lending libraries' policies, e.g., no libraries will lend eBooks, most libraries will not lend facsimiles or manuscripts, many will not lend non-book resources, and many libraries charge fees for lending us items: the GVSU Libraries pay up to $20, so if the fee is greater, you may get an email that we can't get it. You may put a note in the form that you'll pay up to a certain $ amount if the charges are greater than $20.

If you are requesting an article, and get a note from Document Delivery that is unclear, forward it to me if I haven't been CC'd, and I'll try to interpret it and help out. Sometimes the databases have incorrect citations, so the volume and issue don't match the date. I can do some digging to find the correct citation, or I can look for a "good" WorldCat record, etc.

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