Health Information Management: Search Tips and Videos

This guide will help you find and use library resources for Health Information Management.

Search Tips

Try broader terms
If your terms are very specific and you're not getting enough results, try including broader terms, for example:

Broader terms for "equine-assisted therapy": animal assisted therapy, physical therapy modalities

Try narrower terms
If your terms are broad and you're getting too many results, try searching on narrower terms, for example:

Narrower terms for "exercise": muscle stretching exercises, resistance training, running, swimming, warm-up exercise

Use OR for synonyms
Combine synonyms using the connector (aka Boolean operator) OR. For example:

physiotherapy or physical therapy

Use AND to combine
Combine different concepts using the connector (aka Boolean operator) AND. For example:

physical therapy AND hip replacement surgery

Combine OR and AND like this:

(physiotherapy OR physical therapy) AND hip replacement surgery

Quotation Marks (for most databases but not PubMed)
Use quotation marks to search an exact phrase:

(physiotherapy OR "physical therapy") AND "hip replacement surgery"

Truncation (for most databases but not PubMed)
Try using the truncation character (an asterisk: * ) to get more results. For example:

prevent* will find prevent, prevents, prevention, prevented.

How to Search CINAHL

These videos were created by Eastern Michigan University Libraries.


Printable Guides

How to Search PubMed

I've included a variety of resources here--printable guides, videos, and hands-on tutorials.

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