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Piano Pedagogy Supplementary Repertoire

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M21.J39  ; M38.5  Jazz also appears in other call numbers; here's a selection:

  • Jazz in Focus, Olson and McLean (M21.J39)
  • Simply Jazzy, Books 1 and 2 – Goldston (M25.G64 S55 1998)
  • Repertoire and Ragtime – Renfrow (MT243 .R47 1996)
  • Jazzmatazz – Lee Evans (MT239.E92 J39 1987)
  • Jazzy n’ cool – Hartsell (MT758.H37 J3 2001)
  • Jazzed Up Classics – Olson (M32.8 .J39 2003)

M32.8  Arrangements for piano

M204 .S667 Duets

M207 ; M207.2 Piano ensembles (e.g., 4 hands)

M1378M1380  Piano music, juvenile

  • Repertoire Collections - Applause Books 1 and 2, The Romantic Era
  • Preludes, Rollin
  • Sound Reflections, Pearce
  • Preludes and Bagatelles, Vandall
  • Sonatinas
  • Solo Sheets of composers from the FJH Music Company – Tim Brown, Kevin Olson, Ed McLean, Mary Leaf, Kevin Costley, David Karp, etc…

MT225  Piano studies and exercises

  • Energize your fingers every day, Prep, 1, 2A
  • Play your scales and chords every day 1, 2

MT243  Piano music, teaching pieces

  • The Celebration Series, Royal Conservatory of Canada, Melodious Masterpieces, Masterwork Classics,
  • Best Traditional Etudes, Books 1 and 2 – L F Olson
  • Piano Etudes, Book 1 – Frances Clark
  • Beautiful Etudes, Books 1 and 2- McArthur
  • Musical Fingers, Book 1 – Summy Birchard
  • Technic Syllabus for Piano Students, Elvina Truman Pearce
  • Gurlitt, Op. 117 and Op. 141
  • Expressive Etudes, Books 1 and 2 – Suzanne Guy
  • Hanon for  the Developing Pianist
  • Musical Snapshots – Mier
  • Finger Painting – Alexander
  • The Bean Bag Zoo, Books 1 and 2 – Rollin
  • A Pirate’s Life - Garcia
  • The Great Frontier – Rollin
  • Expressions – Pearce
  • Excursions – Pearce
  • Solo Flight – Pearce
  • Happy Time – Tansman
  • Simply Silly – Olson
  • My World in Motion – Greenleaf
  • 24 Expressions – Schultz
  • On the Other Hand - Poe
  • 24 Pieces for Children – Kabalevsky
  • Pop Goes the Piano – Olson
  • Simply Jazzy, Books 1 and 2 – Goldston
  • Repertoire and Ragtime – Renfrow
  • Jazzmatazz – Lee Evans
  • Jazzy n’cool – Hartsell
  • Jazzed Up Classics - Olson

MT746 - MT746.3  Piano methods, juvenile

  • Succeeding at the Piano!
  • And other methods

MT758.I57  FJH Pianist's curriculum (and other books, including duets)

  • In Recital Series, FJH
  • Contemporary Keyboard editions
  • Cream of the Crop
  • Five-Star Folk Duets – Alexander
  • Dances for Two, books 1 and 2 – Rollin
  • A razzle-dazzle Christmas – Lee Evans
  • A Lexicon of Beasties – Luigi Zaninelli
  • 5 duet books in the collection called, “The Beginning Pianist”
  • Classics for piano duet – Books 1 and 2 – Tingley
  • Star Spangled Celebration – Mier
  • Eleven Clapping Duets – Peter Arnstein
  • In Recital for the Advancing Pianist books

Finding Scores at GVSU

Call Numbers for Music scores

Call Numbers for scores beginning with the letter M will be found on the 3rd floor of the Mary Idema Pew (Allendale) Library.

  • M3 Collected or Complete Works (scores)
  • M134 Guides to the Complete Works by composer
  • M5-1490 Instrumental Music (scores)
  • M1495-5000< Vocal Music (scores)

A more complete guide to Call Numbers is available from the Library of Congress. Yale provides a guide to the filing rules (the order of items on shelves).

To Find Scores (sheet music) at GVSU

Use the Library Search on any webpage, or visit Find Materials > Find Books.

Click on the Printed Music option in Material Type box below the search boxes. Or you could search the type of item such as score as a keyword

Use separate boxes for your composer, piece title, type of piece, or other keywords. When you put your composer's last name in the box, change the drop-down to "author" instead of any field. When searching for a type of piece, use the plural, e.g., "sonatas" or "concertos" (not concerti). You may use keywords like "piano sonatas op. 23."  You may also search for the instrument as a subject, e.g., piano.

One of the complications of searching for scores is the many ways publishers can cite the name of a piece. For example, a piano sonata could be called: "piano sonata", "sonata for piano", "sonata no. x for piano", "Klaviersonate", "Sonate fur Klavier", etc. Virtually all of these would have a "uniform title" of "Sonatas, piano ..." so using the plural of the type of piece followed by the instrument name is a good keyword phrase to use in searching.

Searching for Specific Items

In the Library search box, type names in reverse order (e.g., ellington duke). Click on Search.

Many scores are in the “Complete or Collected works” of a composer but are not listed in the Catalog. You may want to browse the shelves in the call number area of M3, and use the guides to the collected works in the call number area of ML134.

Miniature scores are at the beginning of the M's on the 3rd floor. Oversized scores are in the ASRS and must be requested through the catalog.

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