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I would like to introduce you to your Writing 098 and 150 Library Instruction Team!

- Hazel McClure, Coordinator

Librarian  Professor
Cara Cadena Sarah Dickerson,  Mary Roma, and Jennifer Tynes
Barbara Harvey Craig Hulst, Jen Kierzek, and Gale Thompson
Hazel McClure Kim Kelley-Lafata, Tamara Lubic, Teresa Gibbons, Aiman Mueller, and Amy Stolley
Elizabeth Psyck Michelle Calkins and Emma Ramey
Gayle Schaub Sarah Slachter, Fred Antczak, Dauvan Mulally, Mary Ann Kost, and Joseph Sanders
Bob Schoofs  Sister Lucia Treanor, Andrea Kaitany, and James VanSickle
Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra Jessalyn Richter, Amy Norkus, and Julie White
Debbie Morrow Rick Iodanisi, Jason Lenz, and Tom Mervenne
Emily Frigo Susan Laidlaw, Lindsay Jeffers, and Tom Mulder

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