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I would like to introduce you to your Writing 150 Library Instruction Team!

- Emily Frigo, Coordinator

Librarian Professor
Cara Cadena Nowak
Kyle Felker Lenz and Tynes
Emily Frigo Dine, Gibbons, Laidlaw, and Williams
Barbara Harvey David Calkins, Kierzek, and Robinson
Hazel McClure Ebejer and Ramey
Debbie Morrow Dickerson and Iadonisi
Elizabeth Psyck Michelle Calkins and Mueller
Kim Ranger Gemmen and Kaitany
Gayle Schaub Cozzaglio and Kelley-Lafata
Bob Schoofs Lubic, Treanor, and Vansickle
Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra Hecksel, Norkus, and White
Betsy Williams Lotz

Information (Publication) Life Cycle

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