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Each first-year writing class has a librarian.To find out who your librarian is, check the chart below for your instructor. Reach out to the librarians via email; they are available to meet with you to help with your research.


Instructor Librarian
Nancy Bell Debbie Morrow
Gerald Browning Emily Frigo
Audrey Crosby Sarah Joseph
Kristin Graef Anna White
Abigail Greff Anna White
Amanda Hawks Wren Pierce
Craig Hulst Mary Ruge
Rick Iadonisi Amber Dierking
Elizabeth Kalos-Kaplan Sarah Joseph
Rori Meyer Christy Malmsten
Aiman Mueller Sarah Joseph
Tom Mulder Christy Malmsten
Amy Norkus Gayle Schaub
Emma Ramey Christy Malmsten
Jessalyn  Richter Emily Metcalf
Roz Roseboro Cara Medvedenko
Sheridan Steelman Emily Frigo
Julie White Anna White
April Williams Christy Malmsten
Dale Wood Cara Medvedenko


The Knowledge Market--student consultants trained in writing, research, speech, and digital skills--is another service here to help you in first-year writing. Learn more about them by watching the video below.

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