Medical Laboratory Science: Recommended Websites

Find It on the Web

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles on the web. For best results, be sure to configure the library links in the settings so you will be able to access GVSU-provided content.

Google Scholar

Consumer Health Information

Want to know where to point your patients for quality online health information?

MedlinePlus is a free online service of the National Library of Medicine and is a great source of accurate, up to date, easy to understand health information.

Evaluating Health Science Websites

How do you determine whether the health science information you find on the web is credible?

Consider these areas when evaluating websites:

  • Authority
    • Who runs the site?
    • What are the credentials of the author(s)?
  • Currency
    • How up to date is the site?
    • When was the site last reviewed?
  • Coverage
    • Is information cited correctly (or at all)?
    • Is their a balance between images and text
  • Objectivity
    • Do the authors of the site identify any conflicts of interest?
    • How does the site get its funding?
  • Accuracy
    • How does the site determine what content to add?
    • Can you contact the author(s) with questions?
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