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'Standards' defined:

"[A] standard is a documented agreement containing technical specifications or other precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, guidelines, or definitions of characteristics to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. It is a living agreement that can have a profound influence on things that deserve to be taken seriously - such as the safety, reliability and efficiency of machinery and tools, means of transport, toys, medical devices, and so on."

International Organization for Standards [cited April, 2010], "Standards FAQ."

A Note on Identifying and Obtaining Standards

The GVSU Libraries does not have comprehensive collections of current standards.

The full text of some standards and specifications is available electronically for free; but in many cases the information available online is limited to name, date, document number, and perhaps a scope statement -- the full content of the actual standard must be purchased. A few organizations have educational access programs; information about these follows. If you identify a document that you need and want assistance in acquiring a copy for your use (student and faculty researchers), or copies for the students in a course (faculty), please contact the Engineering Subject Librarian to make the most advantageous arrangements.

Full-text available through GVSU

Borrow a single copy from the GVSU Libraries

  • Contact the Engineering & Computing Liaison Librarian with specific details about the standard issuing body, number, and name. Assuming it isn't unusually costly, a copy will be purchased promptly online, printed and bound, and checked out on a loan like any other hard copy book. Licenses prevent the Libraries from providing networked electronic access to these purchases.

Educational access programs -- faculty-initiated, independent of the GVSU Libraries

  • ANSI University Outreach Program --See below

ANSI University Outreach

The ANSI University Outreach Program, a pilot program of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) makes available complimentary copies of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards to individual professors for use in their classrooms. Participants in the program will also have access to members of the U.S. standardization community who can provide case studies, model tutorials, and other educational resources.

The program is open to all disciplines. It is available to faculty only.  Use the Enrollment Form to begin your request; see more information using the link above.

Specifications & Data Sheets

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