CIS Faculty Guide to the Library: Requesting new library materials

General guidelines

  1. Criteria for purchase:
    • materials should support the course assignments and the research needs of students;
    • materials should be used at least twice in the first 2 years after purchase
    • consider the quality of the scholarship, uniqueness, authoritativeness, or creativity.
  2. Check to see if we own the item.
  3. Use Document Delivery for obtaining items to support your research; encourage students to do the same.
  4. Send emailed requests to librarian Christy Malmsten (  Or, send annotated print catalogs in campus mail to Christy Malmsten, LIB 250b.

Textbook alternatives

There are many alternatives to expensive textbooks. GVSU Libraries' Open Educational Resources guide may be useful.

You may wish to explore this extensive guide on Textbook Alternatives (by Kate Pittsley-Sousa, EMU), for possible openly, freely usable texts.  This guide is most comprehensive, and includes:

Email me with open educational resources you are using!


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