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Patient Care: This page focuses on the value of Patient-Centered Care and it's core components as well as how implementation into health systems functions. Read about how Medical Schools are teaching future physicians to care for patients.

Interactions in Medicine: This page explores the value of communication and positive relationships between physicians and patients in the healthcare system with a focus on mutual participation and informed consent.

Creating Healthy Communities: This page explores aspects of medicine not focused on the individual, rather the impacts of health on our community. Learn about the Social Determinants of Health, Conflict of Interest, and Healthcare Costs.

Minorities in Medicine: This page explores how minorities experience medicine as both physicians and patients. Learn about underrepresentation in medicine, medical research, and health disparities.

Patients and Providers: This page discusses advocacy on both the side of the physician and the patient in addition to emphasizing patient safety and researching medical information.



Check out these books and others listed throughout this guide for more reading opportunities.

This Guide

This guide was created as a part of the Library Summer Scholars Program for the Summer of 2021 by Grace McMahon. Grace is studying Biomedical Sciences at Grand Valley and wanted to create a resource for students interested in medicine to further understand the field and all of the factors that contribute to patient wellness. 

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