Master's/Doctoral Projects for OST, PT, RT, and AT: Disseminating Your Research

Scholarly Publishing

Open access journals make articles freely available on the Internet, permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text. Benefits of publishing in an open access venue may include:

  • Increased visibility, usage, and impact of your research
  • More efficient dissemination compared with traditional publishing models
  • Retention of some or all of your copyrights
  • Contribution to societal good by providing scholarly content to a global audience
  • Rigor of traditional peer-review before publication
  • Ongoing feedback through social media

Hybrid journal: Some content is open access. This is a subscription model that provides open access to content typically via publication or author fees.

Embargoed open access: Also called delayed open access. This is a subscription model that provides open access to content after an embargo period expires. For example, the most current content may only be available to subscribers, while the archived issues are open access.

Deposit Your Project in the Library

Selecting a Journal

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Does this journal’s scope fit my manuscript and my goals?
  • Does this journal have any quality markers?
  • Does this journal have any reasons for caution?
  • Does this journal have any red flags?

How to Find Journals

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