Master's/Doctoral Projects for OST, PT, RT, and AT: Systematic/Scoping Reviews

Getting Started

We recently created a more detailed, step-by-step guide for systematic and scoping reviews (September, 2021). The guide includes everything on this tab plus information about research question frameworks, review methods, managing the screening process, and methods for assessing quality.

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New PRISMA guidelines for 2020!

"How To" Guides

These guides will help you export your results into Zotero and remove duplicates. For guides on how to do keyword searches and subject searches, refer to the Search Tips and Videos tab in this guide. For guides about installing and using Zotero, refer to the Writing & Citing tab in this guide.

There are three steps in the process of gathering all of your citations into one place so you can remove the duplicates:

  • Export from the database to Zotero
  • Move records from Zotero to Excel
  • Remove duplicates in Excel

Export Citations from Databases

Move Citations from Zotero to Excel

Remove Duplicate Citations

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