Slave Narratives: Search for Slave Narratives Online

Use this guide to search for, analyze, and explore slave narratives, an important genre of African American literary and oral tradition

Learning from Slave Narratives

Slave narratives are a remarkable historical and literary record, and thanks to a number of organizations, many are available online, where we can read, hear, and even see some of the men and women behind these stories.  In this guide, you'll find slave narrative collections to browse that may include audio recordings, written transcripts, images, and more, but please note that not all formats exist for all narratives (due to the nature of their original recording or degradation of the material since that time).  For further information on what each collection contains and searching tips, refer to the descriptions following the links below.

Guide to the Guide

Here's what you'll find on each page of this guide:

  • Home - links to the main collections of slave narratives you'll find online, plus a few other resources from our library
  • Analyzing Slave Narratives in Depth - links and activities for comparing and contrasting different slave narratives, with links to free digital tools to play around with text
  • Exploring Slave Narratives in Context - links to extra collections of maps, images, and music related to the study of slave narratives

Unchained Memories

Main Sources for Slave Narratives

Other African American Collections

From GVSU library, check out our own African American Studies subject guide for more general research resources, which includes many of the resources in this guide as well as some of the following: 

Digital Collections


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