Content Style Guide: Page Titles

One of the best ways to ensure that our website is user-friendly is to follow industry best practices, keep the content focused on key user tasks, and keep our content up-to-date at all times.

Page titles should be short, specific, descriptive, and in title case.

Page titles are super important! They help make your content more findable on the library website and in LibGuides and in search engines and they’re used to generate the page’s URL in the CMS.

  • Page titles should be specific, descriptive, and include important keywords. They often appear out of context of your set of pages, for example, in search engines.
  • Try to limit your page titles to about five words or 35 characters. Google and other search engines only display the first 45-50 characters of a page's title.
  • Use title case – capitalize principal words and only capitalize articles and prepositions when at the beginning.
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