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Finding Articles

Databases are the first place you want to look for articles. Databases usually have information about an article (such as the title, author, name of the journal or magazine the article appeared in) and sometimes they will also contain an abstract, or summary, of the article. 

Databases also often have information about other types of resources too -- sometimes they have information about books, book chapters, government documents, and other things.

Some databases will also have the articles themselves (called the full text of the article). When that happens, you should see a link to an HTML or PDF document. If you do not see a link, click on "Get It @ GVSU" -- this will check the other library databases for the full text of the article. 

Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Databases

Start your search with these subject-specific databases.

For more information about any of these databases, go to the GVSU Libraries database list, look for the database by name.

Multi-disciplinary library databases

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