ECO 211: Principles of Microeconomics: Journals and Other Periodicals

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Video Tutorials -Scholarly vs. Popular

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Evaluating Journal Articles

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Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources

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What are the differences?

  Scholarly Journals Trade Magazines Newspapers Popular Magazines
Authors Are experts in their area of study (professors, researchers, or scholars) Professionals in the field or journalists working for publisher Free-lance writers or journalists, but can be scholars Journalists, not experts. Articles may be unsigned or generated from corporate press release
Content Highly specialized and includes research projects Industry trends, new products or techniques, and organizational news News or human interest, narrowly or broadly focused Popular personalities, news and general interest stories
Physical Appearance Usually a plain cover, plain paper with graphs and illustrations Glossy cover, color pictures Slick and attractive, some in newspaper format Glossy cover, color pictures, photographs and illustrations
Advertising Minimal to none Related to industry Moderate to heavy, included unrelated products Heavily used
Language Specialized terminology (or jargon) Term specific to field For general audience Simply—for general public
Sources Always cited May be cited (not always) Sometimes cited (not always) Second or third hand, gossip, rarely cited
Publishers Research organizations and Universities Trade organizations and commercial publishers Commercial enterprises or individuals, some published by professional organizations Commercial Publishers
Examples American Economic Review (AER), Journal of Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Automotive News, Investment Week, Risk Management, U.S. Banker The Week, WSJ, New York Times, Grand Rapids Business Journal Forbes, Time, Economist, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly
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