ECO 211: Principles of Microeconomics: Getting Started

This guide will assist you with Information Literacy class assignments


Welcome to the ECO 211 Course Guide

This guide will provide useful tips on how to best complete the Information Literacy Assignment.  The assignment is designed to help you understand how to use information in scholarly research, not only for this class, but for all of your classes at GVSU. Once you've mastered these steps you will be able to critically review all information and apply it to your research.  Let's begin.

Please use the TABS above to help navigate this guide. This guide contains:

  • Tips on how to check for bias in a website 
  • Tips on how to distinguish between a "Scholarly" and "Popular" periodical
  • Tips on searching within a research database and a list of databases for you to use
  • Links to government and economic related websites
  • Links to helpful video tutorials (please open in Full Screen to view)
  • Tips for writing, especially how to use APA style for citing sources and how to avoid plagiarism 



What is Microeconomics?

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