Occupational Safety & Health Management: Journals

Is this journal "peer reviewed" or "refereed"??

Use the Ulrich's Web database to identify 'Refereed' and non-'Refereed' journals: search by journal title or ISSN, and look for this symbol in the third column, signaling a peer-reviewed/refereed/juried journal:

Journal with an icon of an open book to the left of it.

Caution:  There are journals that include refereed content, that may also contain non-refereed content. Non-refereed content typically include such things as editorial columns, letters to the editor; and some articles may be accepted and published without going through the peer-review process.

Occupational Safety & Health Management Journals

The following are samples of key journals in the field of Occupational Safety & Health Management to which GVSU subscribes or has full-text access. Use this page to familiarize yourself with key journals in the field and to browse issues. If you are looking for specific articles and topics, search the databases instead.

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