WRT 120/130: Home


Each first-year writing class has a librarian.To find out who your librarian is, check the chart below for your instructor. Reach out to the librarians via email; they are available to meet with you to help with your research.

Instructor Librarian
Sean Ayres Kim Ranger
Monika Binder Mary Ruge
Michelle Calkins Cayla Dwyer
Emma Carlton Cara Medvedenko
James Champion Emily Metcalf
Craig Hulst Mary Ruge
Kim Kelley-Lafata Sandra Teft
Jen Kierzek Gayle Schaub
Susan Laidlaw-McCreery Ashley Rosener
David Linden Kim Ranger
Tamara Lubic Ashley Rosener
Julia Mason Cara Medvedenko
Dauvan Mulally Gayle Schaub
Jen Tynes Kim Ranger

The Knowledge Market--student consultants trained in writing, research, speech, and digital skills--is another service here to help you in first-year writing. Learn more about them by watching the video below.

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