Biomedical Sciences: Books & Media

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Finding Books

Step One: Search using a book title or keywords in the main search box, located at the top of every GVSU Libraries webpage.

Step Two: On the results page, "Limit by Source Type" on the left-hand side (you may need to scroll down). Select "Books" and/or "E-Books," depending on your need and preference.

Step Three: Choose a book. If it is an e-book, select "Get it at GVSU", "PDF Full Text" or "See Full Text at Publisher's Site" to download or read online. If it is a physical book, take note of the location and call number, listed under the title.

Step Four: For a physical book, press "place a request" to have library staff pull and hold the book for you. You can also pull the book yourself by going to the library location and using the call number to locate the title. Note: if the book's location is listed as "ASRS" you MUST "place a request"--this location is not open to the public. You will receive an email when your requested book is ready for pick-up.


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