Juvenile Literature: Curriculum Materials Library

How to find books, book reviews, and lists of new titles in the Juvenile Literature collection.

Curriculum Materials Library

The CML is a part of the Grand Valley State University Libraries. The function of the CML is to make available for preview, review, analysis, and use, a sampling of current, high-quality instructional materials for preschool through grade twelve.

The Curriculum Materials Library is located on the Pew Grand Rapids campus, 201A DeVos, directly above the Steelcase Library.

CML-DeVos: (616) 331-7084

For more information please go to www.gvsu.edu/library/cml.

MeL: Michigan eLibrary

K-12 Magazines

The CML subscribes to many children's magazines. Back issues of most of these titles are also available. A Subject Guide Bibliography makes it easy to search for just what you need! CML subscribes to Ask, Cobblestone, Click, Cricket, Faces, Kids Discover, (1991-2014) Ladybug, Mailbox (Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, & Intermediate), Mailbox Bookbag, Michigan History for Kids (2001-2009), Mitten (Spr.01-Apr.05), Muse, Ranger Rick,and Zoobooks (1996-2010)



CML Video

CML Video

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