Nursing - undergraduate: Nursing theorists & leaders

Guide for nursing students at GVSU

How to Find Biographical Information

Nursing theorists links

The following resources provide general nursing theory information. Ask your professor if they are acceptable resources for your specific assignment; while they may not be considered scholarly or peer-reviewed, they can provide valuable information.

Hints for searching a nurse leader in the catalog or on the web

Try variations on the name -- for example, "Jessie Sleet" or "Jesse Sleet"

Books in our library


A few tips for finding books on a specific theory or nursing theorist:

  • For a specific theory, use Library Search by entering the name of the theory. For example: Glaserian theory
  • If you're looking for a book about a person, search their name in quotation marks. For example: "Florence Nightingale"

Keep in mind you may need to search different words or phrases.

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