Exercise Science: EXS 209

This guide provides an overview of some library resources in support of students in various Movement Science courses

All about Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice uses current research to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions within clinical situations. It is also known as Evidence-Based Nursing or Evidence-Based Medicine.

The following tutorials provide solid introductions to the concept of Evidenced-Based Practice and how to locate EBP literature.

Definitions? There is a glossary of Evidence-Based terms available. 

How to read a paper

The British Medical Journal published a series of articles on how to read a paper back in the mid 1990s. These articles have stood the test of time* and are still relevant and more importantly, helpful as you seek to decipher what you're reading in the nursing, medical, and scientific literature.

*for the most part -- there references to resources such as SilverPlatter, CD-ROMS, etc. that no longer exist but the content of the articles is still relevant.

Evidence helpers

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

You may be prompted to enter your GVSU username and password when accessing some of these resources.

evidence-based practice news

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