The Monomyth (The Hero's Journey): Recommended Resources

An introduction to the framework of the traditional hero's adventure

Online Resources

The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey (Prezi) : An in-depth overview of the Hero's Journey, including media clip examples of each stage

MEMO: For a reinvention of Monomyth! : A french blog post with several nice graphics on the hero's journey (uncertain if CC or not)

What You Need to Know Before Writing a Fantasy Fiction Novel : Using the hero's journey as a plot structure in writing fantasy

Teaching Joseph Campbell's the Hero's Journey : Many resources for using the Hero's Journey in a classroom

Teaching the Hero's Journey : A look at how to create an engaging unit for Secondary ELA on the Hero's Journey

Summary of the Steps : A large collection of graphics for the Monomyth layout

Why the Hero's Journey May Not Be Right for Your Story : Criticism of the Hero's Journey


A List of Modern Day Archetypes : A new take on Jung's Archetypes


The Heroine's Journey

The Heroine Journeys Project : A site that specifically looks at the heroine's journey and other stories that do not fall into the pattern of the hero's journey.

Maureen Murdock's Heroine's Journey Arc : The Heroine's Journey Project's take on Murdock's Arc from The Heroine's Journey

Victoria Lynn Schmidt's Heroine's Journey Arc : The Heroine's Journey Project's take on Schmidt's Arc from Girl to Goddess.

Why Screenwriters Should Embrace the Heroine's Journey : A thorough analysis and look at the Heroine's Journey vs the Hero's Journey in writing

The Lady Hero's Journey : A satirical version of the Heroine's Journey.

Women of Heart : A documentary exploring the Heroine's Journey in the stories of several women.

The Heroine's Journey : A lesson plan by Mr. Brunken for an online classroom study for upper level students. A nice overview. 

Media Resources

Hero's Journey- Step by Step: 30+ minute long, very detailed, well-made, but lacks captioning

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