CAP 220: Fundamentals of Public Relations: Case Studies, SWOT

Finding case studies

Use the "Find Articles, Books, & More" box on the Library's homepage with your topic and "public relations", then refine your results with the left menu, e.g., "or Content Type, Subject Terms, Date, Language.

To find a case, read the mainstream newspapers as well as the public relations trade publications (eg PR Week, The Strategist etc) to find some current PR “situation.”


SWOT or TOWS = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Analyzing these qualities provides a good overview of companies' current & future prospects. 

By analyzing the external environment (threats & opportunities), & your company internal environment (weaknesses & strengths), you can think about the strategies of your organization, department, team, a process, or public relations.

If you can't find a SWOT analysis for a company, look at a competitor or an industry analysis: the factors are often similar for companies in the same industry.

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