COM 378: Intercultural Communication: Assignments

Prof. Spencer: Intercultural Interview Assignment

Learn about a culture that is different from your own: interview someone who is different from you in an important way (a different racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, gender identity or sexual orientation from your own). Your interview may be in person or via any format that has both audio and video capabilities. Take notes: facial expressions and other nonverbal cues are important to what people say and how they say it. Make sure you have the person’s permission to use their identity (many people might prefer first names only), or use a pseudonym.

  • Write about the culture, the interviewee's identity, and what you have learned about the differences between you/society as a whole.
  • Incorporate at least 6 sources (4 scholarly/peer-reviewed; 1 may be your textbook).
  • APA style.

Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Sources

Prof. Spencer: Microculture Paper Assignment

Each group will select one microculture within the United States. In the paper,

  • explain what a microculture is
  • discuss why the chosen group is a microculture
  • analyze the negotiations between this cultural group and the larger, mainstream culture in the U.S.
  • incorporate 6 sources into the paper. 4 of the 6 sources should be scholarly (peer-reviewed); 1 may be your textbook.

Evaluating information

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