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(7/21/23) Determining factors and alternatives for the career development of women executives: a multicriteria decision model

This paper contributes to the topic of gender in management literature by enhancing the theoretical foundations and empirical validation surrounding the phenomenon of the glass ceiling. It has managerial implications in providing companies with an empirical basis for understanding the orientation of women’s career development.

(7/17/23) Religion shapes vaccine views – but how exactly? Our analysis looks at ideas about God and beliefs about the Bible

Specific beliefs may have more to do with people’s vaccine views than their religious affiliation – but it depends on which vaccine you’re talking about.

(7/7/23) Study provides new insights into geographic differences in pain

The prevalence of moderate or severe joint pain due to arthritis varies strikingly across American states, ranging from 6.9% of the population in Minnesota to 23.1% in West Virginia, according to a new study led by a University at Buffalo researcher.

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