Streaming Videos: How to Use Videos

This guide will help faculty and students find and use streaming videos. We've also included important information about copyright and fair use of streaming videos.


Some of our streaming video databases include a link to the citation, however, these citations are not always correct. Be sure to check the citation style manual or website to confirm the correct citation for streaming video. For the most current information and links to citation resources, please refer to the Citing Sources guide.

Transcripts and Closed Captions

Many of the videos include closed captioning and/or transcripts. If you find a video that does not have closed captioning or a transcript, we can request it. Please contact your liaison librarian for help with this.

Creating Clips and Playlists

You can create a custom clip, or segment, to focus on a specific concept within the full video. A playlist is a customized list of clips, segments, and/or videos that can be created and shared. To create a clip, segment, or playlist, you must have a user account (free). If you don't have a user account, you'll be prompted to create one.

Alexander Street Videos


Films on Demand: Using Custom Segments

Films on Demand: Creating a Custom Playlist video tutorial

Link/Embed in Blackboard Courses

Web Link

Anatomy TV, Docuseek2, and Films on Demand:

Copy the web link (or permanent link) for the video, then create a Web Link in Blackboard and paste in the link in the URL box.


Alexander Street Videos (Dance in Video, Education in Video, Ethnographic Video Online, Filmakers Library Online, LGBT Studies in Video, Nursing Assessment in Video, Nursing Education in Video, Opera in Video, Rehabilitation Therapy in Video, Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video, Theater in Video, and Academic Video Online):

Follow these instructions to embed a video in Blackboard:

Use in Online Courses

We encourage you to use videos from our streaming video databases. Our licenses for these resources allow you to use the videos in online or face-to-face classes. For more information about copyright issues in online education, see the Copyright & Fair Use tab.

User Guides

Alexander Street Videos

Anatomy TV


Films on Demand

Other Resources

The IDeL (Instructional Design for eLearning) team has assembled a wide variety of resources on teaching with technology, including software to help you create your own videos or modify existing videos.

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