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The Field of Digital Studies

Digital studies is an interdisciplinary field that uses digital literacy and digital tools to enhance research and education. Students of digital studies learn ways to interpret the world and engage with information using these tools. Because digital studies overlaps with so many other fields (such as computing, art, literature, sociology, writing, journalism, film-making, and history) experts have different ways of defining and talking about digital studies.  This guide introduces GVSU students to some of the essential resources they will need to explore digital studies. 

Digital Studies at GVSU

For more information about the Digital Studies minor at GVSU, please visit the DS homepage.

Other Terms for Digital Studies

When searching for literature and resources about digital studies, keep in mind these other, commonly-used terms for closely related subjects: 

  • Digital humanities (DH)
  • Humanities computing
  • Computational humanities
  • Digital liberal arts
  • Digital studies
  • Digital data in the humanities
  • Digital scholarship
  • Digital or Computational arts/history/literature/etc.
  • Humanities technology
  • Technology in the arts and humanities
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