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(5/8/23) Ten Predictions for AI and the Future of Anthropology

As an anthropologist, designer, and technologist working in new product development, here are my 10 speculative predictions for how AI will disrupt our discipline in the coming years.

(5/3/23) Scientists recover an ancient woman's DNA from a 20,000-year-old pendant

An international research team has for the first time successfully isolated ancient human DNA from a Paleolithic artefact: a pierced deer tooth discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia. To preserve the integrity of the artefact, they developed a new, nondestructive method for isolating DNA from ancient bones and teeth.

(5/2/23) Scientists present evidence for a billion-years arms race between viruses and their hosts

Researchers have proposed a new evolutionary model for the origin of a kingdom of viruses called Bamfordvirae, suggesting a billion-years evolutionary arms race between two groups within this kingdom and their hosts.

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