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Browse popular books and journals at GVSU Libraries that pertain to the field of anthropology.




The format used for anthropology papers varies, but the American Anthropological Association uses the CMS (Chicago Manual of Style).  

Here are examples and explanations of some of the other possible formats you may be asked to use.

Where to Look

Anthropology is highly interdisciplinary; therefore, books may be found in several areas of the library.  To browse the shelves, try these call number ranges (bold indicates a primary section -- start there):

Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons

2nd Floor

  • BD143 - BD237 Epistemology. Theory of knowledge.
  • BD240 - BD260 Philosophical methodology.
  • BD300 - BD450 Ontology (including being, the soul, life, death).

3rd Floor

  • GN1 - GN890 Anthropology (including physical anthropology, ethnology, prehistoric archeology).
  • GR1 - GR950 Folklore.
  • GT1 - GT7070 Manners and customs (General).
  • HM701 Social systems.
  • HM706 Social structure.
  • HM711 - HM806 Groups and organizations.
    • HM756 - HM781 Community.
    • HM786 - HM806 Organizational sociology. Organization theory.


Steelcase Library, Frey Foundation Learning Commons, or 3rd Floor of the Mary Idema Pew Library:

  • RA1001 - RA1171 Forensic medicine. Medical jurisprudence. Legal medicine. 

Using Ulrich's Web to Find Peer-Reviewed Journals

Why use Ulrich's?

  • Find out if a particular journal is peer reviewed
  • Find out which databases index a journal

How to use Ulrichsweb to determine if an article is in a peer-reviewed journal:

1. Ulrich's can tell you whether a journal is peer-reviewed, not individual articles (but, research articles in a peer-reviewed journal will be peer-reviewed).

2. Go to Ulrichsweb database from a GVSU link, either on a subject guide or from the database list.

3. Enter the name of the journal/magazine (not the article or author!).

4. For example, I recently found this article through PubMed database. Notice the journal title is "Pediatric Obesity" (or Pediatr Obes for short):

PubMed screen grab

5. Next, go to Ulrichsweb and type in Pediatric Obesity. This is what the results look like:

Ulrich's Web


6. There are 2 versions of Pediatric Obesity, print and online. In either case, there is a "refereed" symbol (red circle) next to the journal name. This means the   journal is "refereed," which is another way of saying peer-reviewed.

     NOTE: not every article in a peer-reviewed journal may be peer-reviewed; commentary, news and opinion pieces usually are not peer-reviewed.

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