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Where to find images on the web

Where to find images from a library database

Finding Open Access images in search engines

This method will work with both a Google Image and Ecosia* Image search, however not all search engines include this capability.

Step 1: go to search engine, and search for images.

Step 2: locate the 'Tools', or 'Filters' option, depending on which search engine you are using. Examples circled in red below.

Step 3: After clicking on 'Tools' or 'Filters', you'll see an option for 'Usage Rights' appear.

Step 4: Select which Usage Rights you want to use from the drop down menu, such as 'Creative Commons', 'Free to share and use', or 'Public Domain'

Step 5: Browse for images and select the ones you need! Don't forget to cite and give credit!


*What is Ecosia? Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations dedicated to reforestation. Each time you search you're helping to plant trees!

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