HNR 251-01 The Healing Power of Plants: Home

A guide to resources, tools, and search strategies in support of the semester team projects for this highly interdisciplinary Project Based Learning (PBL) course.

From the course syllabus:

From early time, man has recognized that plants have the power to heal and sustain life. Plants remain the first resort cure for 80% of the global population. This course will explore the various roles medicinal and poisonous plants hold in various cultures. Medicinal and aromatic plants (herbs and spices) have gained consumer interest worldwide. Poisonous plants contain toxic chemical compounds which can adversely affect the health of humans and animals. However, some poisonous plants can be utilized in medicine and as natural insecticides. Dosage plays a key role in dictating the eventual harmful or helpful effect of the toxin. Natural products derived from plants play a dominant role in the discovery of leads for the development of drugs to treat human diseases. The future of medicinal plants rests on our ability to invest in researching and documenting the plants and their active ingredients.

In choosing the topic you will research, and through what "disciplinary lenses," there are many avenues open to you! Making use of the GV Libraries' resources and tools will help you to locate additional good material beyond that which can be gathered on the open web. Some suggested resources and tools are included in the pages of this Subject Guide.

Useful Library tools & info

Subject Guides for potentially relevant disciplines

Additional subject areas:

  • Botany & Ethnobotany
  • Physiology
  • Business
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical industry & Dietary supplements

Potential keywords:

  • Folk remedies
  • Medicinal plants
  • Herbal Medications
  • Herbs--Therapeutic use
  • Detoxification (Alternative medicine)
  • Alternative & Complementary Medicine
  • Medicine, Ayurvedic

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