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(7/20/23) Platform in Peru May Have Produced Percussive Sounds

a floor surface on an open-air platform may have been used to create a drum-like sound at a possible Inca temple dedicated to a lightning deity at Peru’s site of Viejo Sangayaico.

(7/20/23) Paleolithic Hunting Stick From Germany Analyzed

A double-pointed throwing stick, one of a 300,000-year-old collection of wooden tools discovered in northern Germany, has been analyzed with micro-CT scanning, 3-D microscopy, and infrared spectroscopy by a team of researchers including Annemieke Milks of the University of Reading and Jens Lehmann of the Lower Saxony State Office for Cultural Heritage.

(7/20/23)  Possible Charioteer Found in Bronze Age Grave in Siberia

archaeologist Aleksey Timoshchenko of the Russian Academy of Sciences and his colleagues have found a hooked piece of bronze at the waist of skeletal human remains in an intact, 3,000-year-old grave in Siberia.

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