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(5/8/23) Ancient Settlement Explored in Western Anatolia

Hurriyet Daily News reports that excavations in western Anatolia at the 4,500-year-old site of Mobolla have uncovered a city gate, walls, and rock-cut tombs. “The settlement is on the hill, and it was built for protection purposes,” explained Adnan Diler of Muğla Sitki Koçman University. “There are tombs outside this settlement and there are civil structures, castle houses, dwellings, cisterns and sanctuaries inside the settlement,” he added. Traces of habitation dating to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods have also been uncovered. 

(5/3/23) Archaeologists map hidden NT landscape where first Australians lived more than 60,000 years ago

Scientists have used sub-surface imaging and aerial surveys to see through floodplains in the Red Lily Lagoon area of West Arnhem Land in Australia. These ground-breaking methods showed how this important landscape in the Northern Territory was altered as sea levels rose about 8,000 years ago.

(4/14/23) Apollo Gemstone Ring Unearthed in England

BBC News reports that a metal detectorist found a Roman silver ring in a field near the city of Chelmsford. The ring, which dates to between A.D. 125 and 175, bears an inlaid carnelian carved with an image of the god Apollo that would have been used as a seal to sign documents. "Apollo, being the god of healing and prophecy, would hopefully have protected the wearer from harm or illness," said Essex finds liaison officer Lori Rogerson. Re

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