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(1/3/23) Egyptian Birds Identified in Ancient Palace Painting

According to a statement released by Antiquity, researchers Christopher Stimson and Barry Kemp of Oxford University have identified 12 bird species depicted in a naturalistic painting on plaster walls in a palace at the site of the ancient capital of Amarna. 

(12/29/22) Traces of Viking-Era Hall Found in Denmark

According to a statement released by The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland, researchers have found traces of a hall that has been dated to the time of Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson, who ruled as king of Denmark from around A.D. 958 to 986.

(12/7/22) Chemical Analysis Offers Clues to Late Bronze Age Supply Chain

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—According to a statement released by Washington University in St. Louis, a team of researchers led by Wayne Powell of Brooklyn College has analyzed the chemical composition of tin ingots recovered from Turkey’s Uluburun shipwreck. 

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